Ruins of an old brick factory that long ago gave form to the Empire State Building lie

unguarded along a wooded trail on Dennings Point, Beacon New York.

Partial walls, covered in graffiti, frame rusted girders and what’s left of the industrial,

corrugated steel roof. Weeds, brush, and saplings grow through the ground that once

was the building’s floor.

Underneath a gaping roof sit piles of old broken and charred bricks, rusted out kilns,

ceramic chards, rocks, eroding metal assemblages, and broken windows, dwarfed by a

large black star.

Aion, descendant of the velvet-purple coronet, is called to the ruins to investigate black

star. They take inventory of the various specimens scattered among the detritus by

lining rocks and fragments along the perimeter foundation wall.

Aion experiences the past, present, and future colliding in a dream attack.